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Bill Payer

Online bill pay offers savings, convenience and the freedom of never having to purchase another stamp or bill envelope again for paying your bills!
Two easy steps to using Bill Pay!
  • Register your account in Internet Home Banking.
  • Once online, set up merchants or payees online with their address and account information, and schedule payments by specifying the payees, amount and date of your payment.
Savings and Convenience
  • Pay all your bills online in your choice of convenient location - internet home banking, mobile banking, or voice banking.
  • Pay anyone. From your power company to your doctor to your neighborhood lawn service, you can pay everyone you pay now - any time, any where.
  • Schedule single or recurring payments up to a year in advance.
  • Review pending payments and have access to your full payment history.
  • Easy payment scheduling - select the payee, amount and payment date, then click to pay!
  • Edit payments anytime before the process date.

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