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News & Events

American Income Life Insurance (AIL)

August 22, 2019

SCCU is pleased to announce that American Income Life Insurance (AIL) is our preferred provider of Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (commonly known as AD&D). AIL has been providing insurance products to credit union members around the nation for many years. SCCU has joined their network of credit unions to bring AD&D Insurance and other products to you.

In the next 90 days you will receive a letter from AIL. This letter will explain your AD&D coverage and other insurance options. If you are interested in what they have to offer, return your beneficiary card and an AIL agent will contact you.


Intruducing Spend and Save


June 21, 2019

SCCU has a great new product for you. This allows you to go about your day buying groceries, getting gas or shopping downtown and put money in savings at the same time.

We call it Spend and Save!

How does it work? When you use your SCCU Debit Card to buy groceries (say $27.89) the charge will round up the total to the next dollar ($28.00). The grocery store will get paid $27.89 and 11 cents will go back to you. Think of how many times you use your Debit Card during the week. Over time, a dime here, fifty cents there, etc. it adds up to real money. It's your money, so keep the change and earn interest on it.

Spend and Save is the digital way of saving your change. You still may have a jar on the shelf that's partially full of nickels and dimes. Every now and then you take the change and spend it or give it to the kids. With Spend and Save, you no longer have to empty your pockets and put it in the jar. We do that for you.

How do I get Spend and Save? It's easy, call us at 325-7228 or use Live Chat at sccu.net. We can set you up in a couple of minutes. We will go over the options you have. Options? Yes, you can put the money in Savings, Money Market, Holiday or "Linked" Accounts.

When does the money go into my account? Every day during the week. Transactions over the weekend are put in on Monday. Each deposit is labeled as Spend and Save.

What is the cost of this feature? $0.00, nothing, zilch, because you are with SCCU, not a bank.

There are two things you can do with your money – spend it or save it. Now you can do both at the same time with Spend and Save at SCCU.

Contact us today to get set up and start you saving money when you spend.

Note: Spend and Save only works with your SCCU Debit Card.

2018/19 Holiday Schedule

January 1, 2019 – New Year’s Day

January 21, 2019 – Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday observed

February 18, 2019 – President’s Day

May 27, 2019 – Memorial Day

July 4, 2019 – Independence Day

September 2, 2019 – Labor Day

November 11, 2019 – Veteran’s Day

November 28 and 29, 2019 – Thanksgiving Holiday

December 25, 2019 – Christmas Day

January 1, 2020 – New Years Day