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Get a 50% Discount on the Interest Rate(1)

when you get a loan from SCCU!

Get a Low Fixed Rate loan(2) from SCCU at the regular interest rate. Then when you get another loan in the next six months(3), it will be at 50% off the regular rate!


You get two loans in the next six months such as:

  • $30,000 Auto Loan with an interest rate of 3.0%(4)
  • $25,000 RV/Boat Loan – Interest rate is 4.0%. On this loan SCCU drops the interest rate by half to 2.0%.

How does it work?

The larger loan will be at the regular interest rate (not discounted) that you qualify for at time of application.(4).
The 50% interest rate reduction will be applied to the smaller loan.


What types of loans are eligible for a 50% discount?

Auto, Boat, RV, Motor Cycle, ATV, Mortgages and Home Equity Loans qualify.
Purchase or Refinance
New or Used Collateral
Fixed (non-variable) Rate Loans only

What are the restrictions?

The interest rate discount is on the smallest loan.
Offer does not apply on loans dated/granted by SCCU prior to 2021.
1.0% minimum or floor interest rate on a loan.
Loans must have a minimum term of 3 years and cannot exceed a maximum term of 10 years.
Minimum loan amount of $5,000 required.
Collateral pledged must be for personal use – no business, commercial use property. No rentals.
Offer not valid on SCCU Lines of Credit such as Visa Credit Cards, Personal Line of Credit or Home Equity Lines of Credit.
Offer does not apply to Unsecured Loans.
$250,000 is the maximum amount of debt to one household.
Business and Commercial loans are not eligible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to get both loans at the same time?
A. No. You can get one loan today and then wait a few weeks or months. This 50% offer is valid from April 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

Q. What if I got a loan a year ago and an Auto Loan in May 2021, will I get the discount?
A. Sorry, both loans must be dated 2021. Loans granted prior to 2021 do not qualify.

Q. What’s the maximum amount I may be able to borrow?
A. $250,000 between both loans (OAC). This should allow you to refinance your home and purchase a new car or buy an RV and a boat, etc..

Q. If I got a $22,000 Auto Loan in February, 2021 and get a $35,000 Boat Loan in June, 2021 will I get 50% off?
A. Yes, you will receive a 50% rate reduction on the smaller loan (the auto loan) when you sign for the Boat Loan. The rate reduction is effective in the month you sign for the new loan (June, 2021). It is not retroactive back to when you took out the auto loan in February.

Q. If I get a $10,000 auto loan and then a $7,000 Visa card will I get a reduction on the Visa card?
A. No, discounts cannot be provided on a Line of Credit of any type due to program restrictions.

Q. If I already have a Line of Credit and then come in and get an Auto Loan, will I get a discount?
A. To qualify the Line of Credit must have opened in 2021. If so, yes, you will get the 50% discount on the Auto Loan.

Q. Can I pay the larger loan off early and still keep the discount on the smaller loan?
A. Yes.

Q. What if I get a 3rd or 4th loan during the next six months? Would these additional loans get the rate discount?
A. Yes, as long as the requirements of the program are met.

Q. Are there any fees to participate in this promotion?
A. There are no fees to pay on a Consumer Loan such as an Auto Loan. There are fees with a real estate loan with or without a rate discount.

Q. Can I get cash back?
A. It depends on your situation. Most of time we disburse loan proceeds directly to the vendor.

Q. If I did a loan in January 2021 and another in March 2021, would I get the discount?
A. One of the loans has to be dated after April 1, 2021. The discount does not apply until another loan is taken out in the next six months.

Q. I have a loan at XYZ Bank. Do I get 50% off that rate if I bring the loan over to SCCU?
A. The interest rate reduction is based on the rate you qualify for with SCCU, not your current interest rate.


Ready to Save 50%? Find out more about SCCU's Half Off Loan Offer by calling our friendly Loan Department at (509) 325-4444 or email us at

(1) Interest Rate is the Nominal Interest Rate offered at SCCU. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) may be different.
(2) Loans are granted On Approved Credt (OAC).
(3) SCCU may end the promotion anytime prior to 12/31/21 at it's sole discretion.
(4) Credit score, down payment, term, loan to value and other factors apply when determining the interest rate.

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