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2.50%* - 10 months - New Money CD
Limited Time Offer

 *(2.53% APY)

Maximize Your Eanings


Terms of the CD:

Note: This offer is for "New Money" - funds not already on deposit at SCCU. The member must bring in funds from another bank/CU to participate in the special.

Term: 10 months
Interest Rate: 2.50% (2.53% APY)
Minimum Amount: $1,000
Maximum Amount: $50,000 - per household.

Other: This is a limited time offer. 

Questions: Call SCCU at (509) 325-7228.

December 5, 2022

CD Rate Special

Grow your savings faster with our limited-time CD offer.

If you're looking to increase your savings in a secure and predictable way, an SCCU certificate of deposit is the perfect way to ensure your money will grow with a dependable and steady rate.

And now, for a limited time, we are offering a special 3.50% APY 9-month CD* on new money to help you boost your savings even more. 

Click here to learn more.


*APY - Annual Percentage Yield. Terms and conditions apply. CD must be funded by "New Money" not currently held at SCCU. $50k maximum deposits per household. Limited time offer.

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