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Bill Pay

Set up your bills in online bill pay, and enjoy the convenience of paying from anywhere and the freedom of never having to purchase another stamp to mail bills again!

Start using online bill pay in three easy steps:

  • Register your account in SCCU’s online banking
  • Log in and set up merchants or payees with their address and account information
  • Schedule payments by specifying the payees, the amount, and the date of your payment

Enjoy the Benefits

  • Pay your bills in any SCCU convenience service: online banking, mobile banking, or voice banking.
  • Pay anyone. From your power company to your doctor to your neighborhood lawn service, pay everyone you pay now—anytime, anywhere.
  • Easily schedule single or recurring payments up to a year in advance.
  • Review pending payments and access records of your full payment history.
  • Edit payments any time before the process date.

Questions? Contact us at or call us at (509) 325-7228 for assistance.

ICON payments and transfers CLEAR

Transfers and Payments

Set up transfers/payments between your accounts at SCCU through Automatic Funds Transfers (AFT).

Make loan payments or send a check for deposit to your account at another financial firm through SCCU Bill Pay.

If have a loan with SCCU but your checking account is somewhere else and you need to make a payment, we have two options:

  1. Use the ACH form to set up the automatic transfer.
  2. Use a Debit Card to make a payment.

Note: Return any forms securely through the US Mail, not email.

Need help to set up the AFT or Bill Pay? Contact us via Live Chat or call us at (509) 325-7228.

ICON direct deposit WHITE

Direct Deposit

Arrange for direct deposit of your paycheck or many other regular payments you receive. Stop checking the mailbox and driving to the bank for deposits! Enjoy the convenience of doing it electronically.

Income from your employer, Social Security, pension and retirement plans, the Armed Forces, VA Benefits, or other regular payments may all qualify for direct deposit. Contact member services if you have more questions.

SCCU's Routing Number is 325182373

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SCCU's VISA Balance Transfer

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