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ICON savings CLEAR

Regular Savings Accounts

Free, Great Rate, Easy Access – the way it should be

At Spokane City Credit Union our saving account is simple and free. No minimum balance required and no monthly fee! Plus, we pay the best interest rate possible. With Online Banking you can access your account anytime. You can transfer money into your Savings Account with ACH. An easy way to save while you are out shopping is to use your SCCU Debit Card with the Spend & Save feature. Every time you buy something, the transaction rounds up to the next dollar and the change can go right into your Saving Account at SCCU.

ICON Nex Gen Savings

NexGen Savings

Savings Account for Members under 18-years old!

At Spokane City Credit Union, we believe in fostering healthy financial habits from an early age, which is why we've introduced this specially crafted savings account designed for minors. Whether it's saving for a first bike, a dream vacation, or college tuition, the NexGen Savings Account is the perfect tool to kickstart your child's savings journey.

The NexGen Savings Account offers:

  • NexGen Savings will earn 5.0% APY on the first $1,000. Balances above $1,000 will earn our regular savings rate.
  • No monthly service fees, ensuring that every penny saved goes toward your child's future.
  • Convenient online and mobile banking access, allowing you and your child to monitor savings anytime, anywhere.

We encourage you to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to empower our members with the tools they need to build a secure financial future.

Pair this savings account with a NexGen CD and supercharge your child’s savings.

Call our friendly Member Services Team to find out how to open a NexGen Savings account today!

SCCU looks forward to serving you and your family for years to come!

Questions? Ask Us!

E-Mail a Member Service Representative at memberservices@sccu.net.

Important information!

We're moving the ATM into the vestibule!

ATM Relocation Project

Construction Starts June 3rd
Drive-thru will be open normal hours during construction.

Front doors will be accessible by appointment only during the construction period of Monday, June 3rd until mid-July 2024. Please call the Credit Union at 509-325-7228 or visit https://sccu.net/book-appointment to schedule an appointment.

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