*ALERT PHONE SCAM: If you receive a call or text stating it is Spokane City Credit Union. DO NOT give out your personal information or account information. THIS COULD BE A SCAM. Instead, please call us directly to verify. (509) 325-7228
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Make A Payment

Online - using your smartphone or computer

To make a Visa or Mortgage payment you need to call SCCU at (509) 325-7228 as these require special processing.

If you want to payoff any loan, you need to call SCCU at (509) 325-7228 to request a Payoff.

Payments made after 6PM (Pacific Time) will be posted the following business day.

  • From your SCCU Checking or Savings Account:

Payments made from a SCCU account are free and simple to make using online banking. Please use the “My Account” login below to access your SCCU account. If you are not enrolled in online banking or would like to set up a SCCU checking or savings account, please call (509) 325-7228.

  • From your account at another bank or credit union

If you want to make your loan payments from accounts at another financial institution, we also offer two self-service options for a convenience charge:

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A) Quick Pay Web Portal Payments

Payments can be made with a debit card. To use this service, you’ll need to create an account, through the Quick Pay Portal below. To make your payment, you’ll need your member number, your date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
There is a $2 convenience charge for this service.

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B) Pay-by-phone

You'll need your loan number to make your payment.
There is a $10 convenience charge for this service.

Please call (509) 325-7228 to make your payment by phone.

To avoid paying fees listed in (A) and (B) above, you can do one of the following options:

  • Have your deposit account with SCCU and set up a payment transfer. Call us at (509) 325-7228 and we will take it from there.
  • Set up recurring payments from an account at another financial institution. Recurring payments will happen automatically every month. They should be left in place until the loan is paid in full. Note: There is a one-time charge of $5 for this service through the web portal. If you stop the recurring payment and set it up again at a later date, you will need to pay the convenience charge again.

Important information!

We're moving the ATM into the vestibule!

ATM Relocation Project

Construction Starts June 3rd
Drive-thru will be open normal hours during construction.

Front doors will be accessible by appointment only during the construction period of Monday, June 3rd until the beginning of August 2024. Please call the Credit Union at 509-325-7228 or visit https://sccu.net/book-appointment to schedule an appointment.

What YOU Need to Know!

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