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Protect your identity

Don’t become a victim of identity theft.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is when someone uses your personal information without your permission. They may open a credit card account, get a loan, or rent apartments in your name using your personal information. They also might access your bank or retirement accounts. You may not know that identity theft has happened until you see your credit report, are notified when trying to apply for credit, or get called by a debt collector.

For more information about identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission's website or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's website.

Spot identity theft early. Review your credit reports for free. Federal law allows you to get a free copy every 12 months from each credit reporting agency. Go to to request your free credit report. Give our loan department a call if you have questions about the information on your credit report.

Protect your accounts from fraud

Set alerts on your cards and accounts to receive notifications.

Card Alerts

Credit card alerts can be added to your SCCU credit card. At you can request email alerts for transaction amounts, balance, and when your statement is ready or payment due.

Debit card alerts can be added to your SCCU debit card. Enrollment is on our checking page. You can set/receive to be alerted by email and/or SMS texts. Alerts choices by location (international), transaction types, merchant types, and spending limits.

Online banking alerts

Alerts can be placed on your SCCU accounts and receive notification by email or SMS text. The selection is savings/checking alerts, loan alerts, transaction alerts, and notification when a check clears.

Protect your computer

Keep your computer safe from intrusion

  • Keep your firewall turned on
  • Install or update your antivirus software
  • Keep your Operating System up to date
  • Be careful what you download
  • Use strong passwords and change often

Protect your financial records

Utilize digital solutions


You can choose to receive electronic statement instead of paper ones, eliminating paper waste and adding security to your financial records. Enroll for estatements in online banking. You will be notified when your statement is ready to view and review transaction activity. Notify us right away if you suspect unauthorized activity.

Online banking and mobile banking

See your balances and transaction 24/7. You don’t have to wait for a statement to view your account activity.

Bill Payment

Pay bills in one place and skip the post office. Many are sent electronically.

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