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I wish to make a donation to one or more of the following charities by the means marked below and in turn, receive an extension on my loan payment in accordance with the Loan Extension Terms as stated on the back of this form. (Please check all that apply).

Skip-A-Payment Terms and Conditions

Your $20 donation is per loan account and must be received before the payment will be extended. Only one month's extension is allowed per loan account per year. This offer is not valid for real estate loans, VISA loans, loans in bankruptcy or past due, or any loan less than 6 months old. Your normal payment schedule resumes the following month after a payment has been skipped. Loan extensions may extend the term of your loan. Accrued interest due will be added to your current loan balance and interest will continue to accrue as per your original loan agreement. The $20 donation is voluntary and participation in the Skip a Payment Program is not contingent upon payment of the $20 contribution.

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