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Volunteer Roles at SCCU

Are you interested in exploring a volunteer leadership role at SCCU? Contributing your time and leadership is one way to help SCCU. We welcome your involvement!

SCCU seeks interested members to serve in the following capacities:

  • Board Member – provides strategic direction and oversight of SCCU’s affairs, funds, and records
  • Supervisory Committee Member – guides external audit, internal audit, and internal control functions of SCCU

    Volunteer Requirements

    Do you have what it takes? To be eligible to serve as a volunteer at SCCU, an interested person must meet the following requirements:

      • Have the time, willingness, and desire to serve (approximately 2 hours per month)
      • Be an SCCU member in good standing for at least 90 days
      • Be 18 years of age or older
      • Credit history shall not contain a bankruptcy, collections, foreclosure, or litigation relating to the collection of a debt
      • May not have any federal, state or local tax liens outstanding of record
      • No felony convictions of record
      • Shall not have been a party in a lawsuit against a federally insured depository
      • May not be employed by or serve as volunteer with another firm that offers financial products to the public
      • May not be a family member of any current employee or volunteer at SCCU
      • May not be a family member of a former employee or volunteer, until at least 1 year has passed from the separation date of the employee or volunteer
      • Must sign and affirm that they can serve without conflict of interest
      • Must authorize SCCU to conduct a background check, including a credit report and inquiry of criminal record
      • Will complete education requirements and abide by SCCU policies and applicable regulatory directives

    Do these describe you?

    Call us at (509) 325-7228 or contact President Deanna Hanley at DHanley@sccu.netto discuss volunteer leadership roles at SCCU further.

    Important information!

    We're moving the ATM into the vestibule!

    ATM Relocation Project

    Construction Starts June 3rd
    Drive-thru will be open normal hours during construction.

    Front doors will be accessible by appointment only during the construction period of Monday, June 3rd until the beginning of August 2024. Please call the Credit Union at 509-325-7228 or visit https://sccu.net/book-appointment to schedule an appointment.

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